• About Mel

    Business Builder. Systems Designer. Blockchain Advocate.

    Mentor. Speaker.

    Mel is an East-West mixed race third culture kid, with roots in Boston, California and Singapore.


    She lives between many worlds and, having spent the last 12 years in Indonesia, has borne witness to the stark juxtaposition between rapidly developing modern societies and traditional indigenous communities - and the wisdom that needs to be cross pollinated.


    From a young age, she has always pursued the other side of the coin and has been curious as to how business, specifically entrepreneurship, can lead to more lifestyle freedom and positive change in the world. At the age of 16, she wrote an application essay entitled “My Fear of the Cubicle” which helped her acceptance to a top-tier entrepreneurship program in Los Angeles where she learned how to develop business plans, grew the biggest student organization on campus and won a start-up competition with her marine and tourism business concept that she went on to establish in Thailand after graduation. This set her off on an international consulting journey of working with start-ups, non-profits and social enterprises to bring their ideas into form and build thriving organizations.


    Mel believes that without passion and purpose, business is an empty pursuit, which is why the diverse companies she has established and worked with always have a theme of bettering our inner and outer worlds, while tackling major global issues.


    Through acting as chairperson to Taman Petanu Eco Neighborhood and having co-founded Alam Santi: Sustainable Living Design, she supports the outer world i.e. the ecological and sustainable development of our communities and physical environments.


    Through being on the founding team of Good Group and volunteering with Contentment Foundation, she supports the inner world of well-being, mindfulness and emotional intelligence in the workplace and at schools.


    And through her latest endeavors, she uses her knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain to support her mission to build a better future for humanity’s technological, environmental and socio-economic infrastructure.