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Hi, I'm Mel

I teach people about personal finance and help set them on a path towards financial freedom and wellbeing.


I also provide business strategy consulting and advisory for mission-driven organizations and entrepreneurs.


My work has been an international adventure across leading edge industries in tech, crypto, regenerative real estate, wellness and leadership development.


It is my passion is to use business, tech and education solve some of our world's most pressing problems, improve peoples' lives and build a brighter, more sustainable, future. Let's go!

Insights I've Gathered

From 15+ years of helping entrepreneurs, executives and creatives thrive in their professional and personal lives
Most of us lack emotional and financial management skills - and it's not our fault!

We weren't taught these basic, and crucial, skills in school. And yet, now more than ever, these skills are essential for us to succeed in a world where mental health is suffering and the economy is shifting in big ways.

Business and tech-as-usual are destroying our planet, we need to be changemakers.

Let's face it, humans haven't treated the earth very well. Decades of hyper growth, extractive business models have proven to be unsustainable. If we want our communities and planet to survive for generations to come, we need to make a change. We need regenerative business models and new ways of living. The rallying cry has been sounded, let's rise!

Technology is disrupting our lives faster than we can comprehend, let's get prepared.

Another essential skillset - digital literacy. Like emotional and financial literacy, digital literacy is lacking in our childhood and adult education. By equipping ourselves and our organizations with digital literacy and an understanding of how to use tech for good, we can influence and benefit from in an increasingly digital world without being blind to the risks.

"Mel upholds both the big picture visioning and the ability to get into details and keep the two in balance.

Her work helps to create team cohesion by bridging different types of personalities and work styles.

Her disposition brings a sense of calm and level headedness to each project she takes on."
~ Dr. Daniel Cordaro, Former Director of Wellbeing at Yale Center of Emotional Intelligence, Founder of Contentment Foundation, XPrize Mentor, TED Speaker


How I Can Help

I help organizations and individuals cultivate sustainable wealth and wellbeing through a blend of consulting and educating in these key areas:

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