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  • Previous Engagements

    A few of Mel's past keynotes, panels and podcasts

    Keynote at Slush Conference

    A keynote presentation on "Growth Mindset" at Slush Singapore, a startup conference with 2,500 attendees and 300 startups exploring all aspects of entrepreneurship.

    Panel: Web3 Matters

    Panel on the importance of diversity in web3 and how to bring more women into web3 at All That Matters, Web3 Matters

    Podcast Interview: Purpose Effect

    A podcast interview about entrepreneurship, women, wealth and web3 on the The Purpose Effect podcast

    Keynote & Panel: BlockLiveAsia

    Keynote on blockchain and fundraising methods - the good, the bad and the ugly. A panel discussion on diversity in the blockchain tech world.

    Podcast Interview: Crypto Altruism

    Podcast interview about the opportunity to build a more inclusive web3 and the importance to onboard and empower women in the crypto space on Crypto Altruism

    Podcast Interview: Lean In

    A podcast interview: "Redreaming: Mel Loh on Refuelling Your Life's Motivation, Interviewed by Kate Reardon on the Lean In podcast

  • Topics Mel Speaks About

    Blockchain, Financial Well-Being, Entrepreneurship, Regenerative Systems, Mindfulness

    Pathways to Financial Freedom

    Key pillars in personal wealth building and how to integrate crypto as a part of a diversified investment portfolio.

    Using Tech for Good: Blockchain for Impact

    How do we harness emerging technologies for the betterment of society and the environment? Learn about what blockchain is and hear about examples from around the world that are leading the way in utilizing tech for good.

    Building Sustainable Communities & Systems

    Why is it more important than ever to build sustainable communities and what are the key steps to take? Whether it is an eco-home, neighborhood, resort, region or nation - what are the critical ingredients for success?

    Balancing Our Inner and Outer Worlds

    A presentation that weaves practices and theories in mindfulness, permaculture and self development. with an integrative workshop to provide the practical tools necessary to support you in becoming a resilient human in the face of change and challenge.

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