• Testimonials

    Words from some of the people I have had the privilege to work with

    Mindfulness Expert, Daniel Cordaro

    "I've had the pleasure of working with Mel. She upholds both the big picture visioning and the ability to get into details and keep the two in balance. Her work helps to create team cohesion by bridging the different types of personalities and work styles. Her disposition brings a sense of calm and level headedness to each project she takes on."

    Entrepreneur, Patrick Reardon

    Co-Founder of Natural Instinct

    ​Mel has the rare gift of combining "head and heart" based solutions to business, with an innate knack for clearing any obstacles in the way of achieving a purposeful outcome.


    She has a genuine understanding of the challenges we face daily - and a deep knowledge of systems and solutions save the business time and money, and the owner head space and headaches!


    Mel is a breath of fresh air for any business owner looking for support on a project, strategic, or personal development mission.

    Sustainability Expert, Petra Schneider

    "Mel is wise well beyond her years, and her discerning kindness not only to others but to herself is something I find myself learning from on a regular basis.

    She has a great combination of visionary & deep roots on/in the ground in her working style and I always appreciate when she takes what is random / wild out-there ideas and finds creative ways to bring them back to earth and make them accessible."

    Slow Fashion Creator, Linda Morkos

    Founder & Head of Design at eleven44

    "I have truly loved working with Mel and greatly value her hard work, initiative, knowledge, insight, experience and willingness to do what is needed each step of the way. I am so thrilled with where I am standing at this point in time in my business and that is in part due to Mel's support and expertise.


    I have learned much from her and I will continue to put these lessons, and the many skills that I have picked up from her along the way, into practice as I continue to grow my business."

    Entrepreneur & Executive Coach, Justin Milano

    Founder & CEO of Good Group

    "Mel's zest for entrepreneurship, combined with her practical business skills and easy likeability is a huge asset to our team.


    Her work has saved our team, including me, so much time and head space. Her deep understanding the challenges of managing people and work flow leads to creative solutions to get to the end goals.


    She has an incredible knack for finding the right tech systems to deliver on our business goals, and this skill set is valued immensely. I appreciate the way she can implement new systems on demand."

    Entrepreneur, Richard Pursell

    Founder of Namaste Retreat Center. Creator of Cause No Harm 

    "Every now and again, someone comes along that can think analytically and from the heart simultaneously, Melissa is one of these rare breeds who has mastered this and I have witnessed this phenomena over the past few years with awe.

    She has the capacity and foresight to think outside the box to arrive at the best possible solutions that benefit everyone."