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Build Your Wealth, Empower Your Financial Future

Tailored Personal Finance Education and Consulting Packages

Welcome, I’m excited that you are ready to uplevel your pathways to financial freedom! Whether you want to focus on a specific aspect of your financial and investment life or pursue a comprehensive financial strategy across multiple topics and asset classes, I’m here to support your journey!

Who is this for?

My approach is ideal for busy professionals and/or heads of household who value long-term, diversified investing but may lack the time or desire to manage daily financial details. It's perfect if you:

  • Desire strategies that put them on the pathway to financial freedom and building intergenerational wealth over the long term

  • Are too busy or not interested to be involved on the daily and would benefit from a predominantly automated investing system that builds your wealth

  • Have an interest in emerging assets like cryptocurrencies, but feel overwhelmed

  • Have money sitting in a bank account, losing to inflation, and don’t know what to do

  • Are about to get a windfall bonus, raise or inheritance and want to ensure that the money is put to good use

Benefits of Working Together

  • Understand Your Financial Landscape: Gain clear, personalized insights so you can fully grasp your current position and what actions to take next.

  • Diversify and Customize Your Investment Strategies: Your financial strategy should reflect your unique life and goals. I’ll help you develop a personalized financial strategy that incorporates key investing tenets that suit your lifestyle and values.

  • Establish Automated Investing Systems: Learn how to set up and benefit from automated investment strategies that build your wealth while you sleep, requiring minimal ongoing effort.

  • Activate Your Roadmap to Financial Freedom: Understand what it takes to reach financial freedom and take action on how to get over time.

  • Build Intergenerational Wealth: Move beyond saving; start building a legacy. You'll discover approaches crafted to enhance your wealth sustainably over time and take future generations into account.

  • Achieve Peace of Mind: With strategic knowledge, gain the confidence to withstand market fluctuations, minimizing risks and seizing opportunities. Know you’ve made investments with full awareness and in accordance with your values.


These packages have been fine-tuned over years to maximize impact and follow-through. Many people have paralysis and procrastination when it comes to their finances (for many reasons) and our work together is designed to help remove any barriers and get you on the path to financial freedom as soon as possible.

Package Components 

  • Custom-Term Engagement: Choose from 3-, 6-, or 12-session support options, allowing us to partner through various stages of your financial journey.

  • Assessment: Questionnaire to be completed prior to our session so we can maximize our time together

  • Review: Reviews of your financial situation to ensure alignment with your evolving goals and market conditions.

  • Consultation: In-depth online consultations, in-person where possible. Strategy meetings to discuss progress, make adjustments, troubleshoot and plan next steps.

  • Recommendations: Strategic recommendations tailored to your immediate needs

  • Post session recap: Notes with key points, action steps and recommended resources, if applicable.

  • Introductions: Where applicable, introductions to vetted finance service providers/partners who can help with various pieces of your portfolio and asset management. 

  • Follow Up and Accountability: Post-session What’s App support via text and voice notes for follow up questions, implementation support and feedback.

  • Tools and Templates: Access to financial strategy tools, resources and templates that can be customized to your situation, as needed

  • Courses: Access to courses to help you build your financial intelligence and wellbeing

  • A Strategic Plan to Build Your Wealth: A custom made plan tailored to your financial situation and goals. Your roadmap we keep going back to. 


Build Your Wealth Packages

  • Catalyze

    • Basic Intake Assessment
    • 3 Sessions x 60 minutes
    • Tailored Recommendations
    • Action Plans and To-Dos
    • What's App Support*
    • Tools and Resources
  • Recommended Starting Point


    • Comprehensive Intake Assessment
    • 6 Sessions x 60 minutes
    • Tailored Recommendations
    • Action Plans and To-Dos
    • What's App Support*
    • Tools and Resources
    • Customized Financial Roadmap
    • Core Course Access
  • Prosper

    • Comprehensive Intake Assessment
    • 12 Sessions x 60 Minutes
    • Tailored Recommendations
    • Action Plans & To-Dos
    • What's App Support*
    • Tools and Resources
    • Customized Financial Roadmap
    • Mid-point Progress Assessment
    • Complete Course Library Access


“My sessions with Mel are some of the best investments in myself that I’ve made in a long time.”
~ Carmen, Lawyer

“Working with Mel literally changed my life! I was supported in taking steps I had been wanting to take for many years. I finally understand my finances and feel confident about my future.”

~ Jenna, Entrepreneur


“Crypto was nerve racking and confusing to me, Mel helped break it down so simply and now I can proudly say that I’m a crypto investor and my investments have done really well!

~ Brian, Music Producer

“Mel helped me to break through my beliefs that were holding me back from growing my wealth. Before working together, even the word “wealth” made me uncomfortable. Now I know that I am worthy of wealth and how to build it over time.”
~ Sara, Wellness Educator

“I now have a clear plan and the peace of mind on how to protect and grow my inheritance, it feels amazing!”

~ Mariel, Yoga Teacher

Next Steps

Ready to take action on your financial future and investing goals? :

Select Your Package: Book your chosen package above and we'll schedule a time to begin working together on your financial journey right away. 

Not quite sure which package is right for you? 
Book a Jumpstart Session. A 60-minute introductory session designed for those looking to gain strategic financial insights, understand where they are, where they need to go and how to get there.  Price: $199

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