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Elevate Your Business and Make an Impact

Tailored Business Strategy Consulting Packages

Welcome! It's great to see your commitment to enhancing your business's performance and impact. Whether you aim to refine specific strategic elements or engage in a broad transformation across your business operations, I'm here to support your success.

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Who is this for?

  • Ambitious Entrepreneurs and Leaders: You have a track record of getting things done and are aiming to scale your business to multiple six-figures or more.

  • Busy High Performers: You need strategic support to maintain momentum and achieve efficient, impactful results.

  • Strategic Project Initiators: Starting a new venture or major project within your existing business and seeking expert guidance to ensure success.

  • Sustainability-Minded Visionaries: Passionate about utilizing tech and business for good.

  • Creative Problem Solvers: Looking for innovative solutions and strategic insights to overcome business challenges and seize opportunities.

Benefits of Working Together

  • Comprehensive Business Analysis: Get a detailed evaluation of your business's current state, identifying both challenges and hidden opportunities.

  • Strategic Development: Work together to craft bespoke strategies that address crucial areas such as market expansion, cost management, and customer engagement.

  • Technology Optimization: Learn to better utilize technology to streamline your operations and enhance product or service delivery.

  • System and Process Design: Develop systems that save time, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.

  • Mission and Impact Focus: Align your business operations with your core mission to ensure your work has a meaningful impact.

  • Vision Realization: Transform your business ideas into actionable plans that achieve real-world success and expand your market reach.


Package Components 

  • Custom-Term Engagement: Choose from 3-, 6-, or 12-session support options, allowing us to partner through various stages of your financial journey.

  • Assessment: Questionnaire to be completed prior to our session so we can maximize our time together

  • Review: Review of your business to ensure alignment with your evolving goals and market conditions.

  • Consultation: In-depth online consultations, in-person where possible. Strategy meetings to discuss progress, make adjustments, troubleshoot and plan next steps.

  • Recommendations: Strategic recommendations tailored to your immediate needs

  • Post session recap: Notes with key points, action steps and recommended resources, if applicable.

  • Introductions: Where applicable, introductions to vetted business service providers/partners. 

  • Follow Up and Accountability: Post-session What’s App support via text and voice notes for follow up questions, implementation support and feedback.

  • Tools and Templates: Access to business strategy tools, resources and templates that can be customized to your situation, as needed

  • A Strategic Roadmap for Grow Your Business: A custom made plan tailored to your business and goals. Your roadmap we keep going back to. 


  • Activate

    • Basic Intake Assessment
    • 3 Sessions x 60 minutes
    • Tailored Recommendations
    • Action Plans and To-Dos
    • What's App Support
    • Tools and Resources
    • Introductions and Networking, Where Applicable
  • Amplify

    • Comprehensive Intake Assessment
    • 6 Sessions x 60 minutes
    • Tailored Recommendations
    • Action Plans and To-Dos
    • What's App Support
    • Tools and Resources
    • Customized Business Roadmap
    • Introductions and Networking, Where Applicable
  • Transform

    • Comprehensive Intake Assessment
    • 12 Sessions x 60 Minutes
    • Tailored Recommendations
    • Action Plans & To-Dos
    • What's App Support
    • Tools and Resources
    • Customized Business Roadmap
    • Mid-point Progress Assessment
    • Introductions and Networking, Where Applicable

"Mel upholds both the big picture visioning and the ability to get into details and keep the two in balance.

Her work helps to create team cohesion by bridging different types of personalities and work styles.

Her disposition brings a sense of calm and level headedness to each project she takes on."


~ Dr. Daniel Cordaro, Former Director of Wellbeing at Yale Center of Emotional Intelligence, Founder of Contentment Foundation, XPrize Mentor, Official TED Speaker


Next Steps

Ready to take action on your business goals? :

Select Your Package: Book your chosen package above and we'll schedule a time to begin working together on your business journey right away. 

Not quite sure which package is right for you? 

Book a Jumpstart Session. An introductory session designed for those looking to gain strategic business insights, understand where you need to go and how to get there. Price: $199

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